This genuinely hurt my heart.


I’ve been off work for most of the last few months pursuing other more rewarding lines of engagement. I return today feeling refreshed and renewed. And for the first few hours of the day all of my customers were lovely, polite people so actually I was having quite a pleasant time, going out of my way to be helpful.

More fool me, I forgot the first rule of ticket sales: never let your guard down.

Middle-aged couple approach looking for a “bargain”. I have a joke about how it’s Valentine’s Day and all the love birds have nabbed all the seats, we file through some shows but they’re all too pricey for them, then we settle on Thriller.

Me: It looks like there’s only single seats left. But I tell you what, why don’t I call the theatre and see if they’ve had some returns, we might get lucky.
Woman: Oh lovely, thanks.

I call. Box office informs me they’re now entirely sold out.

Me: Sorry guys, they actually don’t have anything left at all now. Is there something else you’re interested in? Have a look at the list on the counter, shows with the crosses through are the sold out ones.
Man: Well why hasn’t thriller got a cross through it then?
Me: Oh just because I literally only found out on the phone then.
Woman: *To man* Ah shh you, stop giving her a hard time.
Man: Well she shouldn’t look so fucking miserable then.
Me: *Genuinely taken aback* oh wow.
Woman: Haha, what’s he like?
Me: Gosh, that’s just. That’s just such a rude thing to say.

And then we all sort of let a minute go by in silence while they perused the racks until they eventually left and the man sarcastically said…

Man: Thanks for all your help.

Guard back up. Trust no one.


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