And from a Manchester based comrade…


Your blog brings me joy – I work in a theatre in Manchester and it speaks to me on a spiritual level.
We also have the double joy of dealing with phone sales.
A phone interaction I had today:

We currently have an offer on, if you book more than one dance show you get £5 off tickets. Customer rings up because she’s experiencing difficulties online (the classic)…

Me: I’m sorry you’ve had trouble online, I can access that offer and book you in if you’d like.
Customer: Great! Ok so the first show is Atomos, and I wanted stalls A5 and A6.

*I pull up the show, rows A&B have been removed for this show.*

Me: Row A&B aren’t in for this performance, the nearest seats I can offer you are E7&8.
Customer: But I’ve selected Row A online.
Me: You can’t have done, Row C is the first row for this show.
Customer: NO! I’ve got Row A online now.
Me: Do you mean one of the tiers by any chance? The first row in the stalls is definitely row C.
Customer: *tapping away* Stalls Row A, Coppelia
Me: Coppelia?! You asked for Atomos.
Customer: Well surely it’s the same seats for everything?!



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