And last but not least, thanks Samira!



I work for a Box Office in the North West and during this particularly dull Sunday shift we thought we’d drop you an email to say thanks for brightening up our day(s) here at Box Office! We’ve just finished a 9 week run of War Horse during which the public really showed their true colours. Here are just two stories that pretty much sum up the past 9 weeks.

1) During a particularly hot day, after a matinee performance, a lady walks over to counter and proceeds to tell us how inhumane we are for letting horses work in this heat.

2) 9:30 on a Saturday morning. Customer rings up and proceeds to tell me this story…

Northern Drama Wonder: Hiya, I came t’ watch War Horse last night and it were brilliant buh I want a refund because what it is, I booked this ticket and it were 50 pund and I asked the lady about singing and she said there were no singing and so I were proper looking forward to it and I came last night and there were singing in it and so I want a refund because you said there would be no singing and there was singing and now I can’t use it for my drama exam because you don’t sing in drama and my teacher told me I can’t use a show with singing
Me: Unfortunately, there is a no refund policy on tickets, especially not on performances that have passed so that wouldn’t be possible I’m afraid.
N D W: Oh right, so can I have a refund on ma programme cause ma ticket were expensive and I can’t use it for my drama and I’ll be very upset if I can’t use it for my drama
Me: No, the programmes are sold by the company themselves, so you’d need to contact them regarding that issue.
N D W: So, no refund?
Me: None.
N D W: Well how am I meant to watch a show without singing?
Me: I don’t know madame, I can’t help you with that dilemma.
N D W: OK, thanks
*slams phone down*

Thank you for bring a little bit of joy to our dull and repetitive lives!”

Thank YOU for bringing a little bit of joy to my stay in purgatory 🙂


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