Tales from a tortured soul in a regional box office…



I work in the Box Office at a busy regional theatre in Kent. Your blog has me (and my colleagues) crying with laughter and empathy. However, spare a thought for those who work in regional theatre… this all happened in the space of about 1 hour this afternoon.

With the Matinee of ‘Hay Fever’ starring Felicity Kendal into its 2nd act, the Duty Manager was dealing with a woman who had projectile vomited everywhere in the foyer and then sauntered back to her seat, another woman decided that, after complaining she was hot and refused to take her coat off, passed out. At almost exactly the same time, I was having an argument with an older gentleman that the hearing loop was working but he had to switch the ‘medallion’ on, as I had explained when I handed it to him.

After a brief respite, the show finished with an unplanned fire evacuation to which my customers sat there, looking at me complaining that the alarm was too loud. They seemed rather put out that i responded by telling them that they needed to leave!

Think yourself lucky that once they have bought their tickets…you never have to see them again!

With this said, I still maintain that knowing that I am not alone in dealing with the insanity of the theatre-going general public is of great help!


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