Fancy yourself as a bit of a Lyn Gardner, do you?


Man walks past my shop, thought occurs to him so he pops his head in…

Man: If anybody asks, I thought Skylight was pretty good.
Me: Well I’m guessing the chances of somebody asking me what you personally thought are slim to none, but thanks all the same.


2 thoughts on “Fancy yourself as a bit of a Lyn Gardner, do you?

  1. I used to do the phone orders and online reviews for LSBO about 5 years ago and I’m just dying laughing at your blog! I used to tell people about the nut cases I’d meet and they never quite believed me.

    Customer: What are the cheapest seats you have for Phantom of the Opera tonight?

    Me: £18. They’re very high up, and there’s a slightly restricted view.

    Customer: Oh no, I don’t want that. How much for the stalls?

    Me: Those are top-price seats and they’re £65 including the booking fee.

    Customer: That’s too much. Why aren’t they discounted?

    Me: This show doesn’t offer a discount so they’re sold at full price plus a booking fee.

    Customer: Well then why the hell shouldn’t I just go to the theatre?

    Me: You’re more than welcome to do that, sir. Would you like a map?

    Perhaps I should have explained the concept of “you get what you pay for”.

    Oh! And the lady who was upset that the theatre further reduced the price of We Will Rock You tickets after we sold her discounted ones weeks earlier. I argued with her for nearly an hour before Dilip-Ana finally stepped in. Le sigh.

    • Haha those Phantom restricted view seats are the bane of my life. Trying to explain what the term means to the chinese snd japanese tourists – who invariably make up 80% of the audience on that show – will literally be the death of me. Hope you’re out of the box office game now and living a less painful existence x

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