Have you had a lobotomy, or are you just thick?


It’s 7.15pm on a Saturday, I’m working alone with a queue out the door. Cue pompous man.

Customer: What have you got tonight in the way of last minute tickets?
Me: There’s a list of shows on the counter here. If there’s a cross through it, it’s now sold out.
C: But what does that mean in terms of what I can get last minute?
Me: If it’s crossed out, you can’t get it. If it’s not crossed out, you can get it.
C: But how am I supposed to know what you’ve got last minute?
Me: Just look at the list, if it doesn’t have a cross through it, I can get it.
C: But how would I know what you’ve got at what prices?
Me: Mate, just look at the list. Name a show. I will get you the price – it’s that simple.
C: I don’t think I like your attitude.
Me: That’s fine, have a great day.


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