Excuse me, please and thank you – simple.


I’m unlocking the door to my head office this morning to collect shop keys etc and as I go to enter, someone says…

Her: Excuse me?
Me: Hi.
Her: Do you know where the Ambassador’s is?
Me: As in the theatre for Stomp?
Her: I’m not sure, just says here I need the Ambassador Group.
Me: OK, I’m not sure but I think that’s where the theatre is too, you might want to double check that though. If it is where I’m thinking, basically you want to go right here, then left up this main road. Couple of minutes up you’ll see Pizza Hut on the right hand side, it’s behind that.
Her: So it’s not here?
Me: Not here, no. What address is on your note there?
Her: Says it’s Charing Cross Road.
Me: Yeah so you’re on Cranbourn Alley at the minute. You wanna walk to the end here, right at the end of the alley, and that main road you’ll see intersecting is Charing Cross Road, I think you need to go left up there. But as I said I’m not 100%.
Her: *walks away*

Are you fucking kidding me? You’ve stopped me in the street, I’ve gone out of my way to be helpful and assist you, English is your first language and you can’t even muster a poxy “thank you”?

Sorry there’s no punchline here, just wanted to say: if you’re bit by a dog, chances are you’d forever dislike and be wary of dogs. Working in customer service is the same; so many people treat you like a turd, that eventually you lose the ability to be nice to anyone. You’ve been bitten too many times. Remember that when you feel the urge to tell you server to, “cheer up” or say, “smile love, it’s not all that bad” – IT IS THAT BAD.


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