Oh no, please continue, I’m totally interested…


Customer: How much is Wicked?
Me: I’ve got cheapest tickets starting from £20.
C: Is it cheaper at TKTS?
Me: I’m not sure, it’s just in the middle of Leicester Square if you want to go and enquire with them.
C: Why don’t you know?
Me: Because I don’t spend my spare time queuing up to find out their prices.
C: Don’t you think it would be beneficial for you to have a little product knowledge?
Me: Even if I did know their prices, how would it be beneficial for me to send you to a different company?
C: Isn’t that your job?
Me: No, I’m not employed to promote someone else’s business. If you like my price – buy. If you don’t – shop around.
C: It just doesn’t seem like a great way of doing business.
Me: Yeah well, thanks so much for your opinion.


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