Tales from my comrades in Glasgow.


I received the below message from a fine, upstanding, sister-in-arms yesterday. The phrase, “nae teefs” has had my chuckling for long tings. Thanks, Alison!


Hello Our Lady of Leicester Square!

Having worked in one Box Office or another for over 7 years, I am about to depart for pastures new.

So, before I go, I thought I would share with you my findings, upon opening up the box office one morning this week…

Just your average lost property discovery on a normal day in Glasgow! Not to mention downright disgusting… Gave us the boak!

So someone’s wandering around with nae teefs!

Anyway, thought you’d enjoy!

Thanks for making our dreary box office days bright, and for making us laugh our arses off whilst trying not to arouse suspicion from customers.




3 thoughts on “Tales from my comrades in Glasgow.

  1. Vausasaurus

    I might add, the “teefs” are still sitting there as none of us have had the stomach to go and retrieve them…

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