Teach your children to hear the word, “no”.


Northern father with his 5 year old daughter. He was very intense, which was sweet in some respects, but mildly worrying in others.

Customer: How much for Lion King tonight?
Me: I’ve only got one single seat left, that’s it now.
C: How much is that?
Me: £65.
C: Right. Now I know you’re probably not meant to say one way or another, but what’s the chances of me sneaking her in? Just be honest with me.
Me: How’d you mean?
C: Well if I buy that one ticket for my daughter, then I’ll try to sneak her in so they don’t notice she’s on her own. I could pick her up later.
Me: Honestly?
C: Yeah.
Me: It’s not worth it. Even if you can manage to sneak her in, you’ll be leaving her on her own for nearly 3 hours in a theatre full of 1500 random people – anything could happen to her.
C: She really wants to see it though.
Me: I get it, but just take her next time. There’s so many other family shows I can get you tickets for.
C: She’s had her heart set on it though, are you sure you can’t do it for us?
Me: It’s not my call, the ticket’s here if you want to buy it. I’m just saying if it was my kid and she was that young, I wouldn’t be cool leaving her in a place like that.
C: I appreciate you being honest, duck, but I think we’ll ask around some other places.
Me: Sure, no worries. 

This is when learning to say no to your children comes in handy. “I’m sorry you’re going to be disappointed, but also it’s my duty to try and prevent you from being kidnapped.” Done.



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