Just say what you mean.


Customer: Have you got Bodyguard tickets?
Me: When do you want to go?
C: Any time before tomorrow morning.
Me: … So tonight, in other words?


5 thoughts on “Just say what you mean.

  1. Priceless lol.
    I don’t know why I am logged in as K.B jewellery still *moment of musing* I’m not a totally random reader though I saw the link via Sheehan, so you may have to wait a little longer to get your 1st blog weirdo😊

      • I’m Rosie Kaloki but on the ol’ facebook Rosemary howevs only pervy old men and my GP call me that..hmm weird that. I met you once a few years ago at David’s birthday in soho, I don’t expect you to remember though lol, I do have a memory like a soviet science experiment at times! I’m loving your blog, It’s hilarious, I love your wit….the bevelling dumpster diver oh my f**king god😂😂😂
        I love reading other ppls blogs, I’m working my way through the archive. 😀

      • No, no! That’s my younger sis winnie who still does work there, i used to be F.O.H circa ’09-’11. We met at thirst bar on David’s b.day!
        Fricking hilarious chick, keep it up
        🙂 I’m well, just working, writing, working writing! Lol. I’m most definately going to have to pop in to your booth one day, maybe I’ll act cray cray! Who knows😀

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