Get away from me.


Customer: How much for Wicked next Wednesday?
Me: If you want to buy a week in advance the tickets will just be full price, they’ll be discounted a little closer to the time.
C: I see. And how old are children?
Me: How old are children?
C: Yes.
Me: What children?
C: My children.
Me: How old are your children?
C: Yes.
Me: I have no idea, isn’t that something you should know?
C: But how old are the children at the theatre?
Me: Hang on, I think I’m misunderstanding you. Do you want to know if there’s a minimum age requirement for this show?
C: Yes.
Me: Oh I see, OK, I’m with you now. Children have to be aged 5 years and over to be admitted.
C: 5 and over?
Me: Yes.
C: What about aged 6?
Me: Yep that’s fine.
C: What about aged 7?
Me: Uh yeah, fine. So long as it’s over 5 – it’s fine.
C: What about 8 and 9?
Me: … Yes. That would be fine because these are all numbers greater than 5.
C: 10?
Me: *Through gritted teeth* Yeeeeees.
C: Are ages 6,7,8,9 and 10 all OK?
C: Because my children are all different ages.
Me: Oh dear, my computer has just caught on fire. No more tickets today. Bye bye.


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