Tourist: Where’s the sweeties shop?
Me: The sweeties shop?
T: Music.
Me: Oh, CD shop?
T: Yes.
Me: The nearest one is on Oxford Street.
T: Oh-bar-beat?
Me: Oxford Street.
T: What’s that?
Me: It’s a high street.
T: What’s that?
Me: Lots of shops.
T: What’s it called?
Me: Oxford Street.
T: Oss-sar-seat?
Me: Ox-Ford-Street.
T: What’s it sell?
Me: CD’s.
T: How far?
Me: Walk in a straight line, 10 minutes that way.
T: Which way?
Me: That way.
T: How long?
Me: 10 minutes.
T: What is it?
Me: Oxford Street.
T: What is it?
Me: It’s the most famous shopping street in all of Britain – Oxford Street.
T: Ug-bug-geet?
T: How I get there?
Me: Walking, 10 minutes, that way.
T: Ol-lar-leet?
Me: Oh my god how have I been sucked in to this conversation?! I don’t care if you buy a CD! Just go on ITunes and stop living like it’s 2004!
*5 seconds of silence*
T: But which way I go?


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