Watch out, Georgie.


A polish man storms in to the shop, shouting at someone in the street to, “FUCK OFF!” Then bellows at me —

Man: How much are tickets to Buckingham Palace?
Me: We don’t sell that here, you have to book tours through either their website or the box office at the palace.
Man: No I don’t want a tour, and I don’t want to see the Queen, I want to buy a ticket to look at that baby.
Me: Prince George?
Man: Yeah, how much have I got to pay to go and have a look at him?
Me: They don’t sell tickets to look at him. He’s not a tourist attraction, he’s a baby.
Man: That’s shit! What do I do then?
Me: Just look at a photo of him on the internet?
Man: That’s shit. Well, that’s all then.


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