Can you help Jan Ober?



Jan Ober has moved to London from Germany in search of Sarah Brightman because he needs to tell her in person how much he loves her. Having exhausted other means, Jan has now resorted to roaming the length and breadth of London wearing this placard. When asked if he had a job, Jan replied: “This my full time job, trying to find Sarah take all my time.”

If you think you have any information at all that could help shed any light on Ms Brightman’s whereabouts, please call the Missing Soprano’s Hotline on: 0800-Why-Is-There-A-Frog-In-His-Top-Pocket


2 thoughts on “Can you help Jan Ober?

  1. I’m used to seeing weird behaviour on your blog, but this, this is something else. To anyone who is still afraid of Germans because of our dark past, take a good look and fear no more. On behalf of an embarrassed nation I’d like to apologise to Ms Brightman, western civilisation, and frogs worldwide. Oh, the shame…

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