There’s no punchline here, I just wanted you to experience the mind numbing stupidity.


Australian sisters.

Sister 1: When is Lion King playing?
Me: Every day except Monday.
Sister 2: Oh.
S1: Yeah but like, for how long?
Me: The show is about two and a half hours.
S2: Oh.
S1: Yeah but I mean like, how long is it in town?
Me: It’s here indefinitely, it’s such a popular show. So long as it’s not a Monday, it’ll be on.
S2: *To each other* Oh my god, is that how it works? They just play it all the time?
S1: I don’t know, I guess so.
S2: They must have different actors coming in every week, cos otherwise can you imagine what a shit job that would be?
S1: Yeah just the same thing every night. *To me* Is that what happens, they get a new cast every week?
Me: No. They’d usually hire people for maybe a year contract, then at the end of that year an actor might have the option to renew the contract and stay on, or if not they’d recast that role with a new actor.
S2: Oh my god. How boring. What a shit job.
Me: Well I guess it’s just a job like any other, we pretty much all do the same thing day in and day out, but their job happens to be doing something they love.
S1: Yeah. Still shit though.
Me: It’s a matter of opinion I suppose. I’m guessing the performing arts probably wouldn’t be the industry for you two.
S2: Nah it’s shit. Anyway, have you got a leaflet or something so we can call you?
Me: *Pointing at a couple of stacks of identical brochures on my counter, half of which are upside down, but still very obviously identical* Yeah if you just take one of these it has all of our contact details, and a list of all the shows.
S1: Which one should I take?
Me: Any one, they’re all the same.
S2: They look different.
Me: … It’s just half of them are upside down, they’re the same thing.
S1: *Looking at me dubiously* Ummm we might just take one of each to be on the safe side.
Me: OK, up to you, but it’s the exact same thing.
S2: Yeah but still …
Me: Whatever, take as many as you want.


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