Insufficient funds.


Me: Sorry sir, your card payment has declined. Would you like to try another one?
Customer: What? No it hasn’t.
Me: Well, it has. But I can try it again if you’d like?
C: Why has it declined?
Me: It doesn’t tell me, you’d have to speak to your bank to discuss that. Shall I try it again though?
C: This is ridiculous, you refuse to take my card but you won’t tell me why?
Me: I don’t know why, that information isn’t released to me. All I know is that the payment was declined.
C: Well call my bank and find out then.
Me: It’s not my credit card, why on earth would they tell me private information about your finances?
C: Or you’re just too lazy.
Me: Or you’re a povvo prick trying to buy stuff you can’t afford. Next!


2 thoughts on “Insufficient funds.

  1. Uh no, of course not. Don’t know how much of the blog you’ve read, but just a heads up so as to avoid any further disappointment – a lot of my responses are made up for comedy effect. Hope that doesn’t ruin your day x

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