Why has God forsaken me?


Customer: How much is One Man Two Guvnors?
Me: Seats in the upper circle are £15. Or I’ve got some in the stalls for £30.
C: Right. How much for the upper?
Me: £15.
C: How much for the stalls?
Me: £30.
C: What was the upper?
Me: £15.
C: Stalls?
Me: £30.
C: So you’re saying we’ve got the upper circle at —
Me: There’s just two prices. £15 or £30. That’s it.
C: Yeah but if you buy tickets in the stalls it’s…
Me: One million pounds per person. Gosh that’s extortionate isn’t it, can you even believe it? OK, tata now, bore me never, careful as you go, cheers, never come back, bye.


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