Headless chickens.


Customer: I’ve bought tickets, where do I collect?
Me: Who did you book your tickets through?
C: I called someone.
Me: Who did you call?
C: Someone on the telephone.
Me: That could quite literally be anyone. What company did you use?
C: One of these companies who sell theatre tickets.
Me: I’d gathered as much, yes. But which company specifically?
C: How am I supposed to know?!
Me: I don’t know. You found the number, you called them, you spoke to them, you gave them your credit card details – did you think to ask who they were or how you’d collect your tickets?
C: Well, no. But where do I collect now?
Me: I have no idea. What show are you seeing?
C: A musical.
Me: Bored now. Next.


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