Customer: Oh. There was someone else here earlier… There was a man here.
Me: Yes. It’s me now.
C: Oh, it’s just strange because there was a man here earlier.
Me: Yes, you said.
C: So what, has he gone home now?
Me: He was just working here whilst I was on my lunch break. Is there something I can help you with?
C: I doubt it. He was going to tell me where the nearest art store was.
Me: Just left down this main road, you’ll see it on the right, not even 30 seconds away.
C: Oh. But he was going to help me find the Apple store as well.
Me: Straight up this road for about 5 minutes, when you see the Tesco, turn left on to Covent Garden piazza and you’ll see it on the left hand side.
C: Oh… Is he here though? Because he said he’d give me directions.
Me: No he’s not here. I’ve just given you directions, what else do you need?
C: Could you phone him for me?
Me: Absolutely never in a million, presh. *MicroTurn*


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