Stool sample.


Customer: Lion King tonight.
Me: There’s only standing tickets left.
C: But I’ll have a seat, yes?
Me: No. You’ll have to stand for the whole show.
C: But I can take my own stool in, yes?
Me: Never babes. If you want the tickets you just have to stand for the whole show.
C: They don’t mind if I bring my stool.
Me: They do mind. No stool.
C: No. I don’t like. Find me seats.
Me: There aren’t any seats I’m afraid, the next availability for seats will be on Tuesday night.
C: No I want tonight, but you can’t make my 7 year old son stand all that time, find us seats.
Me: I’m not making your son do anything, you don’t have to buy them, but that’s all we have left.
C: You are saying he has to stand for that whole show, he’s a little boy!
Me: So don’t buy the tickets then.
C: You are saying you make him stand!
Me: I’m saying these are the only tickets I have left. It’s your choice if you subject your son to that.
C: Will he be OK?
Me: I’ve never met the little prick, how should I know?
C: Well what do you think?
Me: I think if he’s half as hell as you, you should both invest in a convertible and do a Thelma & Louise straight off a cliff. NEXT!


3 thoughts on “Stool sample.

  1. Giulietta

    How do you not jump over your desk and throttle these people!?! I’m a nice person, but I’d need flippin vodka on a drip to get me through the day in your job. Props to you.

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