parents, back off!


ATTENTION PARENTS: Please stop trying to rope me in to freaking your kids out with lines such as, “if you don’t behave, this lady is going to tell you off”… What? No I’m not! I specifically don’t have children because I can’t be bothered telling any one off. Do your own dirty work, man.

Also noted that I’m now “lady” and not “girl” anymore. How life slips away from us.


One thought on “parents, back off!

  1. I have worked in both a supermarket, and museums and art galleries. I am not a “nice lady” and I won’t “be upset” and I won’t “tell you off”. I will just watch in silence at your mounting embarrassment grows when every customer gradually turns and stares at you and your screaming child. Check out for similar experiences to your own. 🙂 thanks for a fun blog!

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