Wednesday, 11 July 2012 at 17:33


Customer: I’m just wondering, well I mean, my sister tells me on the phone, you know my sister, she lives away, so she called me up, on the telephone, you know, and tells me, that, fortunately, thank heavens, she won’t be arriving here until after the Olympics, which is a relief in itself, you know, so we’re just thinking about Billy Elliot, you know, the show, going to watch it, and we’re wondering what the price is, you know, I mean, I have actually seen it four times myself, but she hasn’t seen it, you know, never even seen the film, you know, and we’ll be looking for three tickets, to see that show, specifically, you know, for some point after the Olympics, you know, so I suppose really we will need to enquire as to what all the prices will be for, oh, I don’t know, say the next 2-3 months, before we could consider purchasing anything, you know, so if you could just–
Me: Oh my god, please stop talking.


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