A little note on the phonetic alphabet from up north 


Where do you even start? On the phones at our Northern Box Office we have just started booking for London Theatres, (we now all feel your pain!) When it comes to the phonetic alphabet, people really have NO clue. Here are two BEAUTIES from yesterday:

Me: Sorry can you re-spell your name for me?

Illiterate customer: L for Lemur, A for Alpha and N for Knife. 

Me: Excuse me, what was the last letter? 

Illiterate customer: N for Knife

Me: No babe. 

And another moment that made us wonder just HOW these people survive daily life. 

Me: So those seats will be in row T for Tango in the stalls

Customer: So that was, sorry P for Peter?

Me: No, T for TANGO

Customer: Ohhhh, T for… Toenail? 

*hang up*

The Colour Run


I feel like the girl closest to me wasn’t entirely sure what The Colour Run entailed when she signed up 😔